It starts when you move the “continuous” slider to the left or right. Consequently, with block commutation, there is a torque ripple at this peak, with six times the frequency of the electrical rotary frequency of the motor. Unlike standard BLDC motors, the magnetic field is not reinforced at the pole shoes and there is no detent torque. Stepper motors have a long service life and are specially designed for applications requiring a high torque and low speeds. The Nanotec holding brakes have a compact flange design and asbestos-free friction linings.

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This leads to vibrations and noises; especially at low speeds, the motor will not rotate uniformly.


If the signal becomes too imprecise as the speed decreases, the system automatically switches to open loop mode and positioning continues to be possible. On a torque curve, click the point where you want to set the comparison point using the vertical red line. To have the naanotec featured product finder experience, please activate JavaScript in your browser.

You will find the instructions here. These methods can be roughly broken down into two classes: Sensorless Control of Stepper Motors. You will find the instructions here. The desired attributes for each motor wil be displayed by clicking on the boxes on the right of the legend. In a brushed DC motor, direct current voltage is applied, generating a speed-independent alternating current by means of a mechanical inverter in the motor — the brushes.

What both sensorless methods have in common, is that no information on the rotor position is available when idle, thus a special startup method is required. The inductance of these motors is very low, but the current in the windings rises very rapidly. This combination of Hall sensors and block commutation is technically the easiest method to implement for actuating a BLDC motor.


The high-energy permanent magnets allow high acceleration rates, combined with very high efficiency and speeds of up to 14, rpm. In case of load changes between two Hall sensors, the sine wave cannot be adjusted, however, resulting in incorrect positioning of the magnetic field.

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You can select up to 6 products for a torque curve comparison. Accordingly, internal rotor motors are used in the majority of industrial applications. This will remove the attribute from the Filter and the Results table. The attribute is being reset. On a torque curve, click the point where you want to set the comparison point using the vertical red line.

Unlike standard BLDC motors, the magnetic field is not reinforced at the pole shoes and there is no detent torque. motkr

High-Torque Planetary Gearboxes Nanotec now offers High-Torque Planetary Gearboxes in several motog for applications that require a high torque and high profitability. It is necessary to determine the rotor position because the currents in the windings must be timed to switch in such a way that the stator magnetic field is always perpendicular to the rotor magnetic field, i.

Subsequently, the current flows for the individual windings are calculated through an inverse Clark-Park transformation. Click on the attribute name in order to sort in ascending or descending order.


In addition to standard motors, customized versions, motors with integrated encoder or motors for specific applications are also available from stock. Another important aspect regarding the practical use of a sensorless controller is the identification of the parameters of the model.

No step losses, no resonances A critical factor for the quality of the observer-based controller is a good model of the kotor in use, both in terms of moror mathematical formulas and the motor constants of the connected motor.

Current per Winding 0. Each color represents a motor. The ramp generator is Captive Linear Actuator The LGA42 linear actuator is the right choice for applications that require high positioning speed, short positioning time and high thrust and drag force.

This is why block commutation is unsuitable for nnaotec in which the motors must — at least intermittently — turn slowly less than approx. Whether you need a motor, controller, gearbox or accessories, simply enter your performance requirements and request a quote.

Brushless DC Motors & Controllers

Some attributes have similar names but are used for different kinds of products. Check at least two of them. In this case, however, the current controllers for the windings receive with increasing speed a current value that changes with higher frequency.