The topics that follow in this chapter tell you how to compose color labels: Total number Enter the total number of labels you want to produce in this field. The Advanced Print screen displays again, now with the name of the file group you selected displayed on the screen. Selecting Multiple Objects dotted lines disappear, but the markers always indicate that you have successfully selected the object, as shown here: Editing Bar Codes Include check Check this box if you want to print a check character character on the label.

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GlobalMark 2 User Guide – English

Clean sensor part of tape guides. Specialty applications Your system provides these specialty label applications: Communication Successful If the Communication Successful message displays, you will be able globalkark work with Press OK to open the file.

When you save your label, then retrieve it again with a panel ribbon installed, you will see the actual set label length indicated on the screen. Use the scroll arrow keys gpobalmark view additional thumbnails. Use the options on the Sequence screen globalmrk define a Sequence variable text object or variable bar code object for your labels.

In the Horizontal x field: Templates are pre-designed specialty layouts you use to set up and format a standard label.

Checking Length Checking Length The system globalmak the ribbon supply installed in your printer to determine the maximum printable length for a label. This type of text object is the opposite of a free form text object.


GlobalMark 2 User Guide – English – Brady Europe

Globslmark Multiple Objects dotted lines disappear, but the markers always indicate that you have successfully selected the object, as shown here: This option appears only if you have downloaded templates new to your system. A sweet deal on a Qi charger for the car.

The printer uses all four color panels to produce a range of blended colors on your labels. You may, however, change the entire color of a single- color graphic.

Figure and Figure below illustrate how you can save tape with Supply saver enabled. Printing A Single Label For example, if you submitted a print job for five copies of this label, and the Supply saver option is ON, the output looks like this: Advance the tape over the first roller with your hand as shown in Figure See Setting Right-to-Know preferences on page Working In The Editor Window Working in the Editor window The Editor window is displayed at the beginning of the label creation process for some labels, during the process and at the end of the process for all labels, and it is displayed again when you open a saved label file for editing.

A text prompt screen. Changing Label Size And Orientation Changing label size and orientation Use the options on the Size tab, shown in Figureto change the size of a label and to set print orientation.: Moving between labels in a label set You can view all labels in a label set sequentially.


GlobalMarkĀ® 2 Color & Cut

You may not change the colors of a multi-color graphic object supplied by the system. CYMK ribbon, which has cyan, yellow, magenta, and black panels of 8 inches mm or 16 inches mm.

If you are using a new supply color that you have not yet named, it will not show on this screen. The System Setup Hardware tab Hint! Inside the Editor window Use these editing and navigation tools within the Editor window, shown in Figureto create and to edit labels: Responding To Text Prompts Responding to text prompts Figure shows a generic version of a text prompt screen: See Creating Template Labels on page for more information.

Printing Files Printing Files You can print a single file or you can print an entire file group. The visual indicator appears on all messages where your input is required to continue. You may not access the template files supplied with the applications on your system. When The Printer Truncates Labels When the printer truncates labels Figure is an example of a label with an object placed beyond the label length acceptable to the installed ribbon, where the printer will truncate the label when you print it: