It turned out I had an ancient Renesas 3. Hey there, I have this same kind of hub with GL chipset. It is bus powered with provision for self-powering, but it does not come with a power supply. Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB 3. Other hubs can be let down by simple things like poor soldering and poor quality connectors which cause intermittent USB connection.

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Hubs can also have an impact on the performance of your older USB 1. Voltage drop will also occur over the back-feed sub diode which is sometimes omitted in cheaper hubs. Copying from external drive to external drive can be speeded up quite a bit by attaching them to separate buses — and I practiced this on USB 2. I guess we can put this down to cost cutting on behalf of the chipset makers and motherboard manufacturers — high speed USB 3.

If you hub stays USB2.

So lets open it up. As for what hub you got, none of us can say since there are no photos of genesyd hub.

Our core competency lies in the development and application of high-speed SerDes technology. Geenesys updating to a more recent version, things started working better.


I’m affraid hkb say who I am says: March 15, at 5: May 1, at It does have a backfeed prevention diode, which is good, and it does work with my USB 3. What is my advice to all people in such situations, this is to avoid fiddling with firmware updates, because this will turn in to a brick any copycat produced chip.

This is because USB 2.

Quick Review: Cheap Unbranded 4-port USB 3.0 Hub from eBay

Notably absent are any logkc or current measuring shunts — so there is no port over-power protection by the looks of it. This means stuff attached to the other USB 3.

Aside from that, there were a few small solder splashes, but I removed the loose solder by hand before taking the photo. The hub in question was purchased from eBay — and seems to be quite popular around eBay. But now more USB 3.

March 3, at 9: Compared to USB 2. December 4, at Click for more about me! Looking forward, Genesys Logic is developing other USB related controllers to provide the complete solution for customers.

Genesys Logic GL Rev 2.x HUB USB Firmware Version

Each to their own, I suppose. A self-powered hub one with a transformer should be used in this case — but a low quality power supply or poor design of the hub can cause strange device issues or even genedys back feed issues as well. Such hub and such problem. It could be the case that the crystal oscillator responsible for the signal timing is out of specification or very close to the limitscausing the issue, or otherwise the extra USB 3.


Genesys Logic, Inc.

Name Stefan Tauschek Email stefan. Before I actually review the device in question — we should probably review whether having a hub is a good idea in the first place. I mean you could keep it and use it as a USB2. April 18, at 9: If you have the flash, then there is a leaked firmware upgrade tool, which may fix the problem.

April 18, at 8: You can clearly see the extra 5 pins on the connectors, and you can also see the 5 pins soldered on the PCB.