Microphone Microphone Operation Mode. That’s not as hard as you might think, though, since the DualPix has lots of storage. On to the DualPix. PenCam Manager shares one highly irritating feature with the software for a variety of other tiny-cams. Sir I installed the apitek mega manager software from your site. Maybe don’t buy a GoPro right now — an alleged Hero 7 just leaked Commentary:

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Put it in movie mode and it can shoot br2 by AVI clips up to ten seconds in length well, 9. If you’re looking for a really cheap digital camera, but you’d like a few more normal digicam features – like a flash, and perhaps expandable storage, and better than by resolution – then get yo’self over to eBay and start fossicking.

Aiptek PenCam 2 Manuals

You can get the latest PenCam software from Aiptek Taiwan’s download page here ; the US Aiptek site here has downloads, too, but insists on asking you impertinent questions first. Another scene – tree branches aiotek the partially overcast sky. It remembers that it’s in silent mode when it’s turned off, too.

And if vr remove the batteries, or they go flat, whatever data was in the camera will be lost. You just hold the shutter button down while you want the camera to shoot, and it’s ready to take another clip right after finishing the last one. Turning on the big lights with the focus pncam its infinity siptek gave more fuzzy images One thing I like about Wix is that no matter where you are on aiptek pencam B.

The following pictures have all been Photoshop-tweaked. Hercules DualPix The DualPix looks more like a normal camera than the Aiptek offerings, and it works more like one too.


Aiptek is the gobal leader of mobile projector provider. Retrevo has links to download PDF manuals for more than 39 Aiptek.

Aiptek PenCam HD Trio – camcorder – internal flash memory Overview – CNET

The camera has a battery life of over two hours and. Yes, children – this utility has a simple Save All button that just dumps everything from the camera to a folder. It won’t hear a person talking in a normal voice unless they’re only a few inches away from it, but it seems to be really good at picking up extraneous noise.

But, once again, the DualPix wins.

Aiptek PenCam Voice VR2 Plus – digital camera

The DualPix viewfinder is just another coaxial plastic-lens job although it does have a yellow superimposed frame indicatorso you get no feedback on how well focussed the camera is, and it’s ai;tek useless for extreme close-ups. All PenCams use this sort of display and the same basic two button interface – the mode button and the shutter button are all you get, but they work OK.

I still reckon the actual by resolution, by itself, is just a marketing tactic – a similarly lower level of compression would make VGA images that looked just as good as the interpolated XGA ones, but had a smaller file size.

Lithium polymer – manufacturer-specific.

Again, though, the DualPix beats them both. On the right in the picture, the Aiptek PenCam Ultra.

The continuous-picture mode does, at least, provide you with a way to take pictures of things that aren’t bright enough for the camera to photograph normally. In the middle, Hercules’ DualPixwhich doesn’t have the unusual styling of Aiptek’s products, but claims by “XGA” resolution and oencam image quality.


Prime Day is still going strong, my friend — but the clock is ticking. Here, the DualPix is saying that it’s in XGA mode, its sounds are turned on, it focus is set to infinity, its batteries are in good shape, and two It oencam a few hours to charge from its flat out-of-the-box state during which you can use the camera as a webcam ; after that, charging’s likely to be considerably faster.

Cheap digital camera comparison – Aiptek PenCam VR 2 and PenCam Ultra versus Hercules DualPix

There’s also a software bundle, exactly the same as the PenCam VR 2’s. The main application’s the PenCam. But pencaam tiny-cams won’t give you anything worth bothering with in such a situation, if they’ll take a picture at all. The colour balance is good, and the focus isn’t too bad – it’s fuzzier, yes, but that’s because the PenCam Ultra I got for aiiptek has a more general-purpose mid-field focus setting than the VC 2 I got.

The Pen Cam Ultra redeems Aiptek’s honour. Lens System Lens Aperture.

PenCam Ultra I get the feeling that Aiptek isn’t aiming this product at big hairy men who subscribe to Soldier of Fortune and own Rottweilers. Been waiting to stock up on Echo speakers, Fire tablets or other Amazon gadgets?

But it’s not a complete waste of aiphek.