Or is it any other problem? It seems, when the program trace the data it only trace amplitude. What should I perform when the EA settings cannot be remotely controlled in Web server Web browser control mode? I use this same routine to querya couple Ex supplies and it works fine on them. Is my COM1 port activated at all?

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How do figure out what hex values to labiew in the write buffer? So I am not finding any explicit command to fetch the corresposnding frequency values for each data point. Why have you decided to not even look at the code on the existing driver.

Please help me out ASAP!! Hi I am trying to run some old software on an XP machine.

By default, what data is being fetched from instrument is amplitude which is in y axis. Please let me know if have any answers. Also, if possible please let me know if I can find some elaborated material. Are you the publisher? But the problem is that it is not using command for amplitude, but labviea trace A.


There is a way to read f0 and lzbview that would be documented in the manual and implemented in the driver. How to assign step numbers in Watlow Profile? Channel Catalog Subsection Catalog.

Agilent Technologies / Keysight Technologies 8563EC

The functions in the driver are VIs that you can view the block diagrams. Please, any help is very welcome. I’m having trouble making two machines communicate via UDP protocol. Programmable Current Sinking In general, current sinking 8563wc a fixed value at some percentage of the full scale current output. I have tried that. It does no good to run instrument driver VIs, if you don’t understand what it does and what the instrument does.

My first attempt to communicate with this device after installing the driver was by means of the NI MAX. Your instrument manual has all off the programming commands.

I have the N chassis and have installed the IVI driver for it. However, there is an exception for one series of Keysight power supplies.

But, I am not able to find out any block, vi or subvi which use to grap each frequency value just like trace data. As part of my first few tasks, I am learning to establish a USB communication with instruments.


Solved: Query ID for HPA Spectrum Analyzer – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

I need to create profile, Wirte steps, load profile, Run profile etc. So i can conclud that 856e3c chip actullay connect ok with labview.

I want to know if 8563c is any way to get the corresponding frequency value too? I even don’t know, how to read the code, all I know is to set block diagram from where we can measure things via front panel. Hi All, I am new to this group. VISAaber no data come.

Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI) topics

In order to enable the control, try reloading the latest cash file by pressing the right button of your mouse and clicking update function label. Refer Watlow manual for reference.

What options do the DSOseries oscilloscopes offer for saving data? Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.