Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. User profile for user: If you are using a bootstrapper anyway why not create both bitness MSIs and conditionally install the correct one? Have tried unsuccessfully to figure out a fix for this. Instead, we recommend providing your driver as a standalone package that doesn’t require an installer, ideally through Windows Update. Search everywhere only in this topic. Is it OK on bit windows to install the application and bit driver files to a subdirectory of Program Files x86 then have DIFX install the driver to the driver store from there?

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After several attempts to open iTunes, I reinstalled QuickTime as suggested by another website. The files found were all related to the Win That link is broken for me.

If providing the driver as a standalone package that does not require an installer is not an option, then the command line tool PnPUtil or a custom installer that uses driver installation functions can be used as part of an installation story.

Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx) Support

The build script builds both bit and bit versions using appropriate conditional compilation variables. AFAIK, the bit DIFx libraries get always “initialized”, even if the driver is not installed and because of that the setup fails on x64 machines. Launch conditions are used to prevent the bit MSI from running on bit Windows.


Feedback We’d love to hear your thoughts. If so, are you still planning on supporting this in a future release?

InstallAware support for Driver Install Frameworks (DIFx) – InstallAware

The WiX source code was customized so that it could be compiled for either bit or bit use using conditional compilation. Although a DIFx version of 2. We have however increased our priority and will make this feature available in a future version of Advanced Installer.

So much for being “sure” my system was clean. Trademarks belong to their respective owners. Search everywhere only in this topic.

Sorry, but your approach is broken. Embed the transform into the bit installer, and then use a bootstrapper to conditionally apply the transform based dkfx the architecture. Sign up using Facebook. You cannot build a single MSI that deploys both the bit and bit version of the driver.

I doubt you’re considering many of the intricacies of Windows Installer.

Driver Install Frameworks API (DIFxAPI) (Windows Drivers)

Jan 4, 3: I also initially came across that solution, but I think you’ll have to watch out for the behavior during the repair and modify actions. Sign up using Email and Password. So, I experienced the same issues with the newest iTunes update. If you choose to use DIFx anyway, you must use an older WDK which contains the tools and you should be aware of a couple caveats: In line I can see that the feature containing the driver is dix turned off: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


Jan 4, 1: One thing that I think you may be able to do and I would love someone to jump in and confirm this, as I’m actually also trying to deploy both a bit and bit driver is to generate two separate MSI installers, and then use torch to create a transform essentially a diff against the bit installer.

23 else is trying to do the same thing as you with DPInst.

Choose the type you’d like to provide: If you choose to use DIFx anyway, you must use an older WDK which contains the tools and you should be aware of a couple caveats:. Discussions will include endpoint security, mobile security and the latest in malware threats.

The bootstrapper decides which MSI to use, based on the bitness of the computer. DLL to install drivers on this machine. There is a convention to install programs bit programs into the x86 tree, but it is not forbidden.